Study shows Florida is one of the top 15 “most stressful” states


A new study shows Florida is one of the most stressed states. One source of stress for students is homework.

Haley Wyble, Staff Writer

               Stress is a normal thing that all people must deal with. According to MedlinePlus, getting stressed causes a person’s body to release hormones. They can help people deal with their stressful situation. Stress can cause physical and emotional symptoms if you have too much stress such as trouble sleeping, weight loss or gain, headaches, or upset stomach.

                A study was conducted by Wallet Hub, a personal finance company, that measured stress by four categories. These four categories included work related stress, money related stress, family related stress, and health and safety related stress. Each category was “graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the highest level of stress.” Each category also had sub categories that was worth a certain amount of points.

                On that scale Florida had a total score of 48.87 making it the 11th most stressful state. Oklahoma came in as the 10th most stressful state at 49.48. Florida’s highest score was in the category “work related stress.” The most stressed state is Louisiana with a score of 59.94 and the least stressful state was Minnesota with a score of 26.81.