Warriors share most memorable Valentine’s Days


The office now is decorated for Valentine's Day.

Payton Pope and Courtney Sipos

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, students say they remember some great Valentine’s Days from their past.

Valentine’s Day is all about being loved and sharing love with other people. It can also involve spending time with loved ones. What are Warriors’ most memorable events that that happened on Valentine’s Day?

Andrew Kelly, 9th grade, said,” My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is making Valentine’s boxes in elementary school. I liked going around the classroom and giving everyone candy and receiving candy from my classmates.”

Another student said that her family makes it a special day.

Bella Christensen, 10th grade, said, “I liked coming downstairs in the morning and seeing the box of chocolates, a sweet card, and a stuffed animal that my parents had got for me.” People are now starting to celebrate “the day of love” by spreading love to family, friends, pets, and more!