Cold weather takes on Florida


HOPE class is outside, enjoying the first day of warmer weather.

Kylie Kagan, writer

Throughout the years in Florida, it’s inevitable that Floridians think cold weather doesn’t belong here but they’ll still have to cope.

With temperatures usually in the high 80s for many months of the year, its unusual to have temperatures down to the 40s, according to Baynews9.

 Many Osceola students seem to agree that cold weather doesn’t belong down in Florida. Ethan Tuttle, 11th grade, said, “I hate the cold weather. If I wanted cold weather, I would be living up north. When its cold out like this, it’s so hard to wake up in the morning and get anything done because all I can think about is getting back in my bed under the blankets staying warm.”

 In agreement with Ethan Tuttle, Grace Leskanic, 12th grade, said, “This weather is way too cold for me, I don’t like being outside in this 30-degree weather its just way too cold for me”.