Warriors prepare for MPA


This mural is next to where the chorus practices for MPA.

Payton Pope and Courtney Sipos

With electives like chorus and band, there are not required state tests that take place in the classroom. To make up for that, students attend something called MPA. MPA stands for “music performance assessment” and it is where students get judged and tested on the quality, appearance, and overall sound of the group by multiple judges. Chorus groups get to select two pieces of music out of the choices provided in the month of January. MPA takes place in March, but it takes a long time to perfect two songs and be ready to be judged on them.

Out of the two songs selected, which one are singers most excited for and why? Emily Richardson, 11th grade, said, “I like the meaning of the song and what the lyrics are trying to portray. I also just love how soft and pretty it sounds.”

MPA is all about finding the right songs for the right group. What songs did Mr. Campbell pick for MPA and why? Mr. Campbell, said, “This year I have chosen “Three Hungarian Folk Songs” and “I Love All Graceful Things.” For me to choose the correct songs, I first start out by the overall impression of the song. I also make sure that its right for my group by making sure it’s not to challenging, yet it’s not too easy. Another thing that really sticks out for me is what the song is trying to portray/ the message of the song. The last part that effects my decision is the range of the group, how many parts we have, and what’s best for the boys and girls.”

Overall, it’s very important that the right song is picked for every group, which Mr. Campbell says he does very carefully so his group will get the best results that they can at MPA.