Warriors share what they want in vending machines


Students share what they want to see in the vending machines around the schools.

Payton Pope and Courtney Sipos

There are many different snacks and drinks that the vending machines have to offer. The machines sell Gatorade, Kickstarts, Propel, and water. As for snacks they offer a wide range of chips and other yummy snacks. The snack/food options in the vending machines cost $1.25, and the all drinks cost $1.50.  So, what are some new snacks and drinks students would like to see in the vending machines?

Lucas Fidelis, 10th grade, said, “I would like to see a bigger variety of snacks and the portions are to small. I would be better if they gave you more of the snack and offered different kinds of sodas.” Some students want more healthy options and low sugar foods. Amina Karazoun, 10th grade, said, “Even though they do offer granola bars, I would like to see more healthy options and low carb protein shakes and bars.”

Many students have certain dietary restrictions. Nataile Henahan, 9th grade, said, “Not all kids drink kickstarts, and some parents won’t even let their kids have them. Sometimes it can be hard to get through the day, so I think they should give us a coffee option. Maybe some Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.” Many students don’t know but in there is a vending machine in the café that offers free breakfast for students every morning. The vending machines can help students in many ways, for example when a student forgets their lunch they can get snacks and drinks from the vending machines.

Ms. Lang commented in response to the students wanting healthier options saying, “I think its a great idea. Most of the food is already healthy. The pop-tarts contain whole wheat and the PB and J contain protein. The only problem is that  they order whats on the bid. They have to stay in budget and healthier options would be more expensive.”