Ten years in trends at Osceola


Owens Alyssa

The Warrior Record 2010 April edition and the 2020 February edition have some similarities.

Alyssa Owens and Katie Gonzales

As time flies by, new styles come out and trends are made, as readers of The Warrior Record can see.

Here’s a look at fashion, books, and television trends…. then and now.


Then: Fedoras vs. Now: Bandannas

Then: Leather jackets vs. Now: Hoodies

Then: Lacy shirts vs. Now: Crop tops

Then: Yoga pants vs. Now: Athletic leggings

Then: Toms vs. Now: Vans

Then: Silver Jewelry vs. Now: Shell necklaces



In 2010, students at OHS enjoyed the following novels:

-Tangled, by Carolyn Mackler

-Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

-Tricks, by Ellen Hopkins

Good Reads lists these books as most read by teens now:

Five Feet Apart, by Rachel Lippincott

Two Can Keep a Secret, by Karen McManus

The Fountains of Silence, by Ruta Sepeteys



2010 most watched shows by students:


‘Teen Mom”

“Paranormal Activity 2”


Now, the highest-ranking television on Rotten Tomatoes:

Stranger Things

Rick and Morty

Avengers: Endgame

Marriage Story