Warriors speak out about online school


Focus is one of the sites used by students for online school.

Kylie Kagan, Staff writer

High school can be a challenge as it is, but due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, things are changing. With school no longer being at school, and students having to do all of their work from home, this has posed as an issue. Not everyone has the same learning environment at home, so this can either be a good or a bad thing for students.

When it boils down to the nitty-gritty, is online school really as effective as going to a learning environment with a teacher to teach all the material and not through a screen?

Sophia Socash, 10th grade, said, “I think that online school is more effective than regular school because you can do your work on your own schedule, and you don’t have distractions like you would at school.”

Lauren Dumont, 12th grade, explained her feelings on online school. “I like online school because I feel more motivated to get my work done, but I miss my friends and teachers to be there face-to-face with them, and the school experience.”