New ways to keep stress down while cooped up


Josh Jones

Vinny the turtle, who lived in Mrs. Copello’s classroom, is an example of a pet. Your pet can help you relieve stress according to Psychology Today.

Alyssa Owens, Staff writer

At the beginning of the fourth grading period, students transitioned into online school.

Since there was no warning, and no training course ahead of the transition, it has been a rough adjustment period for some students. Katie Gonzales, 9th grade, said, “Online school has been tricky for me because I’m used to the face-to-face learning environment.” It is possible that many other students are feeling the same, so here are some tips on how to stay organized and relieve stress at home:

Doing better in your online classes

– Dedicate a certain time of day to each of your classes.

– Work with other students for help on assignments.

– Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help.

– Show up to class every day.   

Ways to reduce stress at home

– Consume less caffeine. (You don’t need that fifth glass of iced coffee!)

– Don’t procrastinate on assignments or tasks.

– Take deep breaths when you start to become frustrated.

– Spend time with your pet.


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