Students spend time safely


Giselle Samonek, Staff Writer

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”68″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]It’s hard to determine how long the pandemic will last, so many people are looking for things to do with all this newfound time. Two students say you can spend time safely and still have fun.

Emma Lloyd, 12th grade, said that when she’s not doing schoolwork, she spends her time reading. A book Emma would like to recommend is “The Fall of Crazy House” by James Patterson. She also has been watching some TV, and one of her favorites shows is “Grimm”.  She said, “’Grimm’ is a good binge series to watch.”

As for some outdoor activities, Emma takes two 45 minute walks with her three dogs daily.

Another student who enjoys getting out and being active safely is Kyler Pope, 10th grade. One of her favorite activities is “riding my bike with all my siblings,” Kyler also enjoys drawing and reading. Recently she has been able to find lots of new books to read. One that she would recommend is “Chasing Red” by Isabella Ronin.