Warriors are missing friends


Seniors Carly Davenport and Sophia Paige rehearsed “Side Show” before spring break. They will miss out on performing the show due to the school’s shutdown.

Courtney Sipos, Writer

With COVID-19 happening, lots of people have had to change their lives and lifestyles. School will be online for the rest of the year.  So how do students feel about this?

Serenity Baker, 9th grade, said, “I’m very upset. I miss all my friends and wish I could go back. I can’t believe my freshman year is already over, and I met so many new people and made so many amazing memories. So I miss school, oddly.”

Some students are glad school is online for the rest of the year, but some are not happy about the change. Another student said, “I’m happy that school is over because it causes a lot of stress and makes my anxiety bad sometimes. However, I’m very disappointed that my sophomore year is over so soon, and I’m gonna miss being around my friends every day.”

Tyler Jennings 10th grade, said, “I’m really gonna miss my friends.”  During this time, students have had to adapt to a new lifestyle.