Teachers cope with the crisis


Instead of working in the school library these days, Mrs. Groshans is working at home, just like the rest of OFHS.

She has a houseful!  “We have 6 people working at home right now between jobs and school.  It has been challenging to find quiet spots to work but we are getting through it day by day,” Mrs. Groshans said.

In addition to all of those humans, her dog has a story worthy of a bestseller.

“Diego is a foster dog who became part of our family.  He came from Puerto Rico in January with his mom and siblings.  We fostered his mom and sister with him.  They have now gone on to forever homes, but he stole our heart.  He is about 7 months old now and I don’t know what he’s going to do when we all go back to work and school!  He definitely loves his people.”

Mrs. Groshans’ family is getting outside for good reason. “The other picture was from a walk we took at Largo Nature Preserve for a homework assignment.  We went hunting for green things for Earth Day.  They are my younger children Isabella, Irena, and Isaac.  They have definitely kept me busy at home but I miss my students and library so much!”