Changing history with a new teacher


Gavin Kane, staff writer

With the beginning of the new year, Osceola has received many new teachers. One of these teachers is Mrs. Herring, the brand new World History teacher. Mrs. Herring said that she transferred for several reasons. “Osceola has a fabulous reputation as a school with a great community, hard working students, and supportive parents.”

Despite the start of a strange year, Mrs. Herring said, “My transfer to Osceola has been smooth so far.” She added, “Everyone has been friendly and has made me feel welcomed.” Mrs. Herring just came from 11 years at Lakewood High School and has been teaching for 17 years before her transfer.

Some interesting things about Mrs. Herring include travel, sports and a personal accomplishment.  She said, “I have been to Asia, South America, and Europe many times.” She is a huge Tampa Bay Rays fan, and is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Mrs. Herring said, “I have been very busy these past two weeks” but it seems to her she is fitting into Osceola just fine.