Covid cooks up some changes for culinary


Photo credit: Sydney Thompson

Payton St. Cyr, Staff Writer

     While learning and educating in some classrooms is slowly returning to normal, one class called culinary is stuck until further notice. Due to Covid restrictions such as social distancing and wearing a mask, students may not be able to prepare and cook dishes.

Chef Long said, “As of right now, culinary students 3 and 4 can cook. One reason is that they all passed our National ServSafe Manager’s certification. Another reason is that we currently only have 10 F2F students in those classes…meaning plenty of workspace to allow for social distancing.”

With culinary 1 and 2 left out, some students say they understand. Andrew Kelly, 10thgrade, said, “I think not being able to prepare and cook dishes because of Covid restrictions is reasonable.Although I want to be able to cook, I understand the restrictions and how it is the safest for everyone.”

Viki Skoularakos, 10th grade, said, “It feels harder to learn since we aren’t in the classroom and culinary is a hands-on class. It is a lot more note taking and less of the real-life cooking experiences.”

One student said that culinary is her favorite class and it really brings her joy, so skipping hands-on work is a very difficult thing.   Ashlyn Watson, 10thgrade, said, “Cooking was the fun part of culinary for everybody and it makes sense that we aren’t cooking. We’re really only taking notes right now, which isn’t fun, but we’d be doing it either way.  Hopefully we can cook sometime this year because it’s what makes culinary my favorite class.”