Open space and advice found in the library 


Julianna Marlow

Looking for open space?  

Mrs. Groshans arrives at work every day surrounded by 12,000 books, many coworkers, and hundreds of students with whom she shares a smile. Mandi Groshans is the librarian at Osceola Fundamental, and she has been working at OFHS for 3 years now. She says there are always certain students you never forget that put a smile on your face.  She said, “a first grader gave me this cute picture, and 15 years later it still sits in my teacher binder today.” 

Mrs. Groshans feels strongly about the importance of the library and stressed that it is not only for usage of testing or to work on homework, but for connecting, finding what you love, and having an open safe space. Because of Covid-19, some of the library events have been called off. But Mrs. Groshans wants her students to know the library is still open and here for everyone. Mrs. Groshans said, “the library is not just for reading and checking out books, although you can do that too.” The library is open to provide kids a place to just be, with resources or to relax,” Groshans said. Groshans understands not everyone loves to read, but she says, “choice is a powerful tool.”  

Looking for advice to enjoy reading? 

  • “Find what you love” 
  • “Find your story” 
  • “If you pick up a book and don’t like it, bring it back, you are not glued to it.”
  • “Choice is a powerful tool” 

Mrs. Groshans said, “I like a lot of fiction; certain things are just not my thing.” She explains students should try to find their “thing.” She also explains that a lot of little things kids do can be considered reading, and students do not have to be physically sitting down reading a chapter book for it to be considered reading. Things such as “reading a magazine and audio books are powerful tools.” She explained her personal experience with audio books when she worked at a different school, and the school was 50 miles from her house. She said that every morning, she and her children would listen to audio books, especially with not enough hours to sit and read. She said, “reading is reading is reading.” Reading what you love is important. She said that sometimes in school, students are forced to read books which pushes the interest of reading out of their minds. Mrs. Groshans enjoys coming to work, and being with her students every day. The OHS library is open, up, and running for all students to enjoy.