1 woman, 12,000 books: Librarian springs into action inspiring students to love reading


Chloe Cors, Guest Writer

According to media specialist Mrs. Groshans, “The biggest purpose of the library is to teach kids the love of reading and to teach them skills for researching.  (We want to)  provide them with life skills such as evaluating sources for accuracy and relevancy.” She says that many students are scared to go into the library because the doors are always shut and they think its closed, but it is a safe place where you can decompress and be yourself. Although Covid-19 has affected the ability for many students to come in at one time, on a normal day, Mrs. Groshans said that “big things that go on here are tutoring, testing, and I am always helping individuals if they need help on assignments, especially the AP Research class. I work very closely with them when it comes to finding sources. The library is also an open space for studying.”  

When it comes to checking out books, there are many ways. Mrs. Groshans stated, “Usually you can just check out a book by giving me your last name and you are good to go, but the virus changed this. The books must quarantine for a certain amount of time before going to the next person. You must use hand sanitizer before you pick a book off a shelf as well.” Other than getting books in person, you can also get them online, from a different school, and you can get ebooks. Mrs. Groshans said, “You check a book out online through Destiny, a link connected to Clever, and you can get a book from a different school if we don’t have it here. Covid-19 has affected the ability to do this, but it depends on what school you want to get it from.” She also states that out of the 12,000 books at the library, teen reads as well as fantasy series are the most checked out books. This makes sense considering everyone that checks out books are teenagers.  

Mrs. Groshans has lots of advice when it comes to trying to find a book. She said, “For those who hate reading, you have to find your story.  Find what books intrigue you and catch your attention. It does not matter what it is, whether it is a magazine or a picture book, reading is reading. Audiobooks are also very powerful. If you do not have time to sit down and read, Audio-books are perfect to listen to while multitasking.”