Mirror Lake’s Legacy


Mirror Lake Library in St. Petersburg has history you may not have read about.

Molly Jager, Staff Writer

        The oldest library in St. Petersburg, Mirror Lake Library, has been around for 106 years and counting. Although there are now plenty more libraries and bookstores in St. Pete, Mirror Lake was the first.

        According to I love the Burg, St. Petersburg received $17,500 from the Carnegie Corporation in 1913 to build a library and it officially opened in 1915. With St. Pete High School also dating back almost 100 years (1926), one woman made history at both establishments. Emma Moore Williams was the first librarian in St. Petersburg at Mirror Lake. She also happened to be the first English teacher at St. Pete High.

        During this time in a pandemic, the library staff is following special precautions to keep their visitors as safe as possible from COVID-19. Inside, right past the main doors, there is a table set up where there are people ready to help. They will direct people to others who can help, but the main purpose is that not too many people come inside at once. Masks are also required. The library is located in downtown St. Pete on 5th street. Inside the establishment, there are multiple floors and plenty of space to check out new reads.