Warriors cook in culinary competition


Kayla won bronze.

Chloe Cors, Guest Writer

      Kayla Dudinksy and Caitlyn Walker both participated in the Skills USA Baking Competition on Tuesday, April 13th. They competed against other high school students.

        Kayla won a bronze medal in “Commercial Baking”.  She said, “I made cream cheese apricot scones, cream puffs, and a decorated cake. I was given a description of the colors, writing, and borders on the cake and decorated it accordingly. I had a time limit of two hours to do it all, which is not long when baking.” She said the difficult part was the biggest bake. “The hardest thing to make was the decorated cake. With such a short time limit, I could not make the decorations as perfect as I wanted them to be;  however, I think I did very well considering the pressure and I am very proud of the final product.”

        Kayla said, “Since this was my first year doing competition, I really have no experience to compare the virtual competition to. However, I do think that there was less pressure doing it virtually because I had access to all the equipment and ingredients I needed without carrying it all to the competition. I also had lots of time to set up my station and prepare myself beforehand, which relieved some of the pressure. All that said, it was still extremely intense.”