Last first day of school

Kaia Walker, Web Manager

For some teachers, their First Day of School was their Last First Day. For Mrs. Colton, it is her 16th and final year of teaching at Osceola.

Mrs. Colton will be leaving, but as the year is starting off, students are wishing her well and leaving positive notes about their time in her class.

One junior, who took World History Honors with Mrs. Colton last year, said, “She always wanted her students to succeed and always made sure her students were welcome.”

Courtney Bennett, 12th grade, said, “Mrs. Colton is by far one of my favorite teachers in high school. She truly cares about each of her students and wants each of them to succeed. One of my favorite quotes by Mrs. Colton is ‘go forth and do wonderful things’. She would say that to us before we took her tests and I love that it fits into so many aspects on how one should live.”