Warriors worry about exams


Savannah Wasko

Testing locators are hung around the school for students to check on where they will be testing.

Savannah Wasko, Guest Writer

It is a Sunday night, and Lilianna, 9th grade, frantically tries to study for her upcoming exams. She does everything she can to memorize information for her tests. “I’m so nervous, I really need more time to study. For me, memorization is my weak point, and the pressure of exams makes it worse.” As AP exams and EOCs approach, freshmen study more than ever. Slowly feeling the pressure of upcoming final exams. Francesca, 9th grade, said, “I’ve lost motivation and I don’t know what to do.” With all these exams, students are constantly looking for new ways to study and be motivated. Tammy, 9th grade, said, “One of the ways I like to study for tests is the red, yellow, and green light method. I make a sheet of important vocabulary terms for my class and will highlight the words in different colors. If I highlight a term in red, it means I have no idea what it means. If it’s yellow, I’m unsure, but maybe have a slight understanding. Green means I have a complete understanding of the word.” Trying to save time when studying is critical for students. Stryker, 9th grade, said, “I need more time for my exams. Studying for all my exams is really time-consuming.” Students feel that they just don’t have that much time for final exams. They still have regular unit tests, assignments, and some sports. Marlow, 9th grade, said, “I have softball practice every day after school. After that, I usually have to do homework, which can take several hours sometimes. Having final exams on top of that is stressful.” Some freshman plan on exempting some exams so they don’t end up studying for too many tests. Elias, 9th grade, said, “I’m counting my missing days, and planning out which classes I’m exempting.”