Exams exhaust students

Brittney Bombard, Writer

With the official schedule being announced and study guides being passed out, Midterms are quickly approaching. For many, midterms means stress. “I’m going to study as much as I can without stressing,” said sophomore Luizette Llinas.

According to www.thehealthsite.com, although stress can be motivation to a certain extent, too much stress can cause health issues and even lead to depression. Easy solutions include organization and deep breathing, but aside from these simple solutions, basic solutions can include yoga or meditation. While striving for academic success, it is important to remember personal health also. Stress is something that is significant, especially when it comes to Midterms, however, if you know the material, it can lessen the stress. Studying is necessary for success on midterms and there are many different routes you can take to do so effectively. Reviewing concepts after class, processing your notes, making flashcards, asking questions as soon as you can, and scheduling regular time for study are all ways that you can study for your midterm exams.

“Exams give me the opportunity to bring up grades,” said Brodie Purcell. Seven midterm exams can be a lot for one person; however, at Osceola, exam exemptions are a way to ease the pressure. To be eligible for exam exemptions, you must have 4 or fewer absences and an A or B in the class for last quarter and currently. Along with midterms, comes the change in schedule. Monday, December 14th, is a regular school day.  The week’s schedule is as follows:
TUESDAY, December 15, 2015
Period 1 7:05-7:46
Period 2 7:52-8:31
Period 3 8:37-9:16
Period 4 9:22-10:01
Period 5 Class 10:42-12:02
PERIOD 5 EXAM 12:02-1:35 (90 mins for exam and 3 mins for prep/announcements)

WEDNESDAY, December 16, 2015
Period 1 7:05-7:46
PERIOD 1 EXAM 8:31-10:01
Lunch 10:01-10:36
Period 2 10:42-12:02
PERIOD 2 EXAM 12:02-1:35

THURSDAY, December 17, 2015
Period 3 7:05-8:25
PERIOD 3 EXAM 8:31-10:01
Lunch 10:01-10:36
Period 4 10:42-12:02
PERIOD 4 EXAM 12:02-1:35

FRIDAY, December 18, 2015
Period 6 7:05-8:25
PERIOD 6 EXAM 8:31-10:01
Lunch 10:01-10:36
Period 7 10:42-12:02
PERIOD 7 EXAM 12:02-1:35