Students are forgetting once again


Jess Zsiga

Mrs. McDougal said she prefers students who need ID badges come before or after school.

Justine Zitman, Writer

“Not as many as I thought, but definitely more than usual,” said Mrs. Banspach, IC intervention center specialist. After returning from winter break, some students’ minds are completely fogged. In fact, the morning of the first day back, there was a line outside Mrs. Banspach’s classroom. According to one student, who forgot his I.D badge, the line contained about 10 people, all waiting to receive their warnings.

Mrs. Banspach said, “There were about 25 students who forgot their I.D badges yesterday, and about 21 students who forgot their badges the Friday before break.” Over winter break students enjoyed sleeping in, and not worrying much about school at all. “The fact that it was the last Friday before winter break, and week of exams, students got very sloppy and forgot their badges,” said Mrs. Banspach.

Librarian Mrs. McDougal stated that if students lost their I.D badges over break, they could come in any time before school or after school. She prefers students to come when there are no classes, so it doesn’t interfere with instruction time.