Students strive for scholarships

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Students strive for scholarships

Brittney Bombard, Writer

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The Pinellas Education Foundation has been the sponsor of over 100 privately funded scholarships for the purpose of supporting students’ academic goals after their high school careers, according to its website. Mr. Dunavin, economics teacher, even requires his students to apply for the scholarship.

“I encourage my students to apply for the scholarship because of the obvious benefits, and part of calculating the real cost of college is scholarships,” said Mr. Dunavin. Students are able to apply by only filling out one application. The period of application is open now through midnight on January 14th, 2016. The application process has a total of 12 steps and within those 12 steps, the Pinellas Education Foundation will assist applicants in receiving all the needed information for the scholarship. At the end of the application process, the Pinellas Education Foundation also gives you a list of other scholarships for which you may be able to apply.

According to the

Only a few hours remain! Apply here!”

, it is recommended that applicants file a “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” or “FAFSA”, however this not required to complete the application process.

You can get the FAFSA form from the front office. It is recommended that students include details about advanced academics, extracurricular activities, service and volunteer work or learning, and awards or accomplishments.

“I’ve applied for a few scholarships and they’re very helpful,” said senior Jha’Mhyll Banks. Applicants should also include their expected major, and multiple can be listed. Schools are able to release information of applicants to confirm enrollment, attendance, and GPA. Applicants should list colleges, universities, and or technical schools that they are interested in and have applied to and include the ones that have accepted their admissions. If awarded the scholarship, funds are sent directly to the school listed for the awarded applicants’ acceptance. “I don’t think I would be able to go to school without them,” said senior Asanti Poole.