Students travel across state


Jess Zsiga

Flagler College in St. Augustine is sometimes on the OFHS College Tour.

Justine Zitman, Writer

From February 11th through the 12th, Osceola is hosting a college field trip. Students will be able to see and tour the campuses of four different colleges, including Lynn University, Florida Atlantic University, Nova Southeastern, and Florida International University.

The first day, students will be touring Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University. The next day, Friday morning, students will then travel to Fort Lauderdale and tour Nova Southeastern University, and Florida International University. “Honestly I have no idea where I want to go,” said Haven Marr, 11th grade. “I think I’ll definitely look into it.”

Mrs. Stone, who is in charge of the field trip, explained exactly what will be happening on the two days of the trip. Mrs. Stone says everyone will leave the Osceola Fundamental parking lot at exactly 6:00am on Thursday 2/11, and then heading across the state to Boca Raton. “We will be visiting Florida Atlantic University first and eating lunch on campus, we will then head to Lynn University for the tour,” stated Mrs. Stone.

After the two tours she says that everyone will then hop back on the bus and head to the hotel. “Once kids are refreshed, we will then head to Boca Raton Mall, till closing and then lights out at 11:00.” The morning of the next day, students will be waking up at around 7:30, and will then head for Fort Lauderdale to Nova Southeastern for a tour. After the tour at Nova Southeastern, students will head down to Miami for lunch and tour Florida International University, then head home. The cost for the bus, hotel and 3 meals is $130. See Mrs. Stone in portable 5, for the permission slip and parent letter.