Warriors ready to relax


Drew Jackson

Students will leave Friday, February 12th, but not have to return until Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Christian Mathis, Writer

February 15th is a day off for students this year. According to Assistant Principal Mrs. Mowatt, the reason for the day off is because teachers have a training and workshop day. “Teachers are expected to attend a training or a workshop, and since they will not be at school, students get the day off.”

While the teachers are using their day to attend training workshops, students will be off doing various things making the most of their day off. What are students planning on doing this next day off? Sarah, 11th grade, said, ‘‘I will be using the day off to work.” While some students work, others will plan their future. Antonio Dudleg, 11th grade, said, “I will be going to a college.”

Some Warriors plan on spending time with friends. One senior said, “I plan on hanging out with my friends and maybe going to the beach.”

Some Warriors are just taking the day to relax. Payton Hill, 11th grade, said, “I plan on just sleeping all day.” Ashley Kidd, 10th grade, said she had the same plan. “I am going to be sleeping that day.”