Third grading period drags on for students


Drew Jackson

Christian interviews Ryan about how a longer grading period can lead to unintended consequences.

Christian Mathis, Writer

The third grading period is the longest one so far. Instead of being the usual nine weeks, the third and fourth grading period are both longer… with the current grading period at nearly ten weeks. How does this affect students’ GPA and demerits? Usually a student would have nine weeks to get no more than twelve demerits in any class, but this grading period students will have to make it ten weeks.

Juan Urquides, 11th grade, said, “I think it is affecting demerits.” Some students see no change in the longer grading period. Sarah, 11th grade, said, “I did not even notice a difference, but I know that this grading period is longer.” Along with demerits and GPA, lots of other things can be affected by the extra week.

Ryan Bangtson, 12th grade, said, “Having the grading period extra-long means it makes it harder to not get detentions from too many tardies.” Brandon Croft, 11th grade, said, “ This third grading period feels like it is dragging on for such a long time, it feels like it will never end.”