Students showcase Dali’s surrealist work

Justine Zitman, Writer

“The only difference between me and a mad man is that I’m not mad.”-Salvador Dali.


Tuesday, April 12th, the Salvador Dali Museum is having its annual tour, called the Dali Teen Docent Tour and Reception. Students from Osceola Fundamental and St. Petersburg High School will be the guides on the tour this year. Admission for the tour will be free for students, and friends and family of the docents. According to the Dali museum website, “the Docent Program at the Dali Museum is the heart of the Museum’s education mission.”

Adult docents enroll for a 17-week training program, which consists of 15 two-hour lectures, and three written tests. After the training, docents are required to do a specific number of tours each month for at least one year. Adult docents get the chance to conduct pirate tours arranged by the Group Tours department.

Junior docents include elementary and middle school students, and they are trained in a mini-docent course. Being a junior docent enables them to share general information about Dali and his paintings.

Mr. Stewart, who is in charge of the tour for Osceola High students, said, “One of my favorite Dali paintings is the ‘Hallucinogenic Toreador,’ because it sums up Dali’s entire career as an artist.”

One student docent, Emma Pickard, said, “I expect to have a pretty positive experience. I love the painting I’m presenting, and I know it very well.” She also stated that she’s looking forward to presenting in front of her parents are the rest of her family.