Belle of the Ball benefits a bunch


Drew Jackson

Belle of the Ball has a new location in Clearwater. Check this site for details.

Justine Zitman, Writer

The motto for Belle of the Ball is

“No girl should be denied the opportunity to attend her high school dance because of financial difficulty.””

Belle of the Ball is an option for any girl who has financial difficulties, and wants to attend her high school prom.

Prom dresses can cost hundreds of dollars, according to also says that prom tickets can cast from 20 to 250 dollars. A lot of proms don’t provide a full dinner, so prom pre-dinner can cost between twenty-five dollars to one hundred thirty dollars per person, according to the same website.

The cost for hair and makeup may vary, but can be between thirty and two hundred seventy five dollars, according to And of course prom pictures. And prom pictures can be between thirty and one hundred twenty-five more dollars, according to the same website.

This can be a problem for some families with low incomes. But Belle of the Ball project will provide dresses and accessories to in-need high school girls. Belle of the Ball will offer these items for three Saturdays this spring: April 9th and 23rd, and May 7th. Belle of the Ball is located at 1210 Holt Avenue, in Clearwater, and is open from 10am to 2pm.

Dozens of student have benefited from the project just this year. “Over 260 girls from Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Polk and Citrus counties received dresses during homecoming season,” according to the Belle of the Ball website.

Angela Vo is a freshman at Osceola, but is already thinking about her senior prom. “I didn’t know much about Belle of the Ball, but I will definitely consider it.” She also said she was going to tell a few friends, who she thinks might be interested.

For more information visit, or call 727-386-4502. A one to five dollar donation is requested, but not necessary.