“Snore No More”… only on the first floor


Josh Jones

The “Snore No More” coffee cart symbol is placed in the door windows of classrooms to show that the cart is allowed to visit that room.

Johnette Williams, Junior Web Editor

The “Snore No More” cart is where many Osceola students get their early morning coffee, but there will be an important change to the cart this year. As Ms. Michea states, “We will only have one cart this year. Only a cart on the first floor. We’ll have two locations, the shop in the cafeteria and the cart. The second floor students are welcome to come downstairs”.

Last year, there was one cart on the first floor and another on the second, but now people will need to journey to the first floor. The coffee cart will be re-opening on August 22nd. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and iced coffee are all available for purchase from Osceola’s coffee cart. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the prices for drinks. The costs for the beverages are the same as last year: iced coffee for $1.50; and regular coffee, flavored coffee, tea, and cocoa for $1.00.

Many students are eagerly anticipating the return of the coffee cart to the halls of OFHS. Kyla MacDonald, 10th grade, says, “Yes, I am looking forward because I’m tired in the morning. I like getting the iced coffee.” Even some teachers are awaiting the return of the “Snore No More” cart.

Mr. Gunnin explains, “I drink three pots of coffee a day, so I am definitely looking forward to it. I desperately need my coffee.”