Parking lot plethora of problems


Justine Zitman

Due to the large amount of cars in the parking lot, traffic backs up in the morning.

Christian Mathis, Writer

“This is definitely the worst the parking lot has been; it’s the first time I’ve seen it this bad in the mornings before,” said Deputy Shorter.

But why is the parking lot as bad as it is?  According to Deputy Shorter, it’s about the number of cars. “In the morning the parking lot is overcrowded and busy, but what makes it dangerous is the high volume of traffic all coming in at once, and people being impatient and not being courteous.”

Josh Bryan, 12th grade, said, “Every morning the parking lot is hectic; there are way too many people all rushing to go to one place.”

Deputy Shorter agreed.  “The parking lot is also rushed and over busy because of impatient people rushing to park as well as parents dropping off their kids. This (is) mixed with people trying to go to fast as well as the high volume of traffic coming off of 102nd,” he said.

Deputy Shorter said, “As far as accidents are concerned we have only had a couple this year, they were both minor, rear end backing accidents with no injuries.”

“The real problem is everyone coming in at once.  A 5-10 minute difference in timing would make a massive difference; however, that’s not very possible,” said Shorter. Administration and myself are still  considering options and solutions; at this moment in time we are still in planning.  Now fixing 102nd we have no control over; however, the city has done many traffic studies, and they are considering increasing the lighting as well as possibly adding a right turn lane. I doubt they would do that, but they might.  Cities grow and change.”

Ryan Fehr, 12th grade, said, “I don’t think the parking lot is as bad as people say. I do think people are rushed and impatient.”

Deputy Shorter answered the questions of sophomores parking. “Sophomores are not being considered to park as of yet this year. Right now they are only giving parking spots to juniors and seniors, he said. “We are not considering sophomores to park until at least after the first semester.”