ACT takes over English hallway


Lauren Callahan

Mrs. Sauble prepares her lesson plan for Tuesday.

Lauren Callahan, Writer

ACT and SAT season is here, and September is no exception. College applicants are writing essays, retrieving transcripts, and fitting in final test days to reach requirements for acceptance. On Tuesday, September 27th, ACT testing will take over the English hallway from first period until first lunch, in the English hallway. Teachers are altering their lesson plans to adapt to the sudden changes for the first four periods.

“Losing your classroom is always an inconvenience, but it’s a necessary one,” says Mrs. Sauble. “Ms. Mowatt thinks it’s the best environment for those students to take the test and these are students who are looking for a concordant score to make sure they can graduate. As teachers, we need to be able to roll with the punches and adjust our lesson plans as necessary. It’s part of being a team player in a school.” According to Sauble, teachers whose classes deal with technology would have a harder time accommodating to changes like this due to lack of “portability.”

Teachers have been changing their lesson plans to adapt to the room changes, but student focus will be an issue. “It always affects the dynamic a little bit because when you’re in a place like the cafeteria or the auditorium,” commented Sauble. “students want to be able to be a little more casual and do what they want to do. It’s a little harder to keep everybody focused, but that’s why you pick something that is a little easier to do.” Teachers affected by the change will be holding classes in the cafeteria, media center, or in the courtyard.