Pace prepares production


Briana Queen

Theatre teacher and director of “The Tempest”, Mr. Pace.

Briana Queen, Writer

After their successful “junior senior” show, theatre students are preparing for their next production “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare. The fall main stage production will take place on November 10, 11, and 12, 2016 at 7:00 PM. “The Tempest” follows the story of a magician trying to restore his daughter to normal by living on a mysterious, fantasy island full of illusions and manipulation. While seeking vengeance, he uses his abilities to create a storm that causes his enemies to shipwreck onto the island. The play is considered “one of Shakespeare’s finest pieces,” according to the OFHS theatre website, and explores themes of “love, revenge, maturity, and the wild magic of the natural world”. Director and theatre teacher Kevin Pace plans on building a massive island on the stage, about 8 feet tall, that also extends out into the audience. He is also planning on having a man-made waterfall to make the set come to life. Adding to the list of new things theater is experimenting with this year, Pace stated, “We selected “The Tempest” because we wanted to try a Shakespeare play for once”. Pace encourages everyone to see the production because “it’s a classic story with a lot of great characters, sorcery, revenge, and love”. One sophomore stated, “I play the spirit in the play, and I think people should come out to see it because it’s something we’ve never done before and it is very artistic with nice props”.  All in all, Pace hopes to “put on a good show for everyone”.