Trump tape troubles teens

Briana Queen , Writer

An audio tape was recently released with audio of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump in 2005 saying “lewd remarks” about actress Arianne Zucker and women in general just shortly before the debate that took place on October 9th, 2016. The audio consisted of Trump bragging in offensive terms stating that when you’re rich and famous “you can do anything” to women. Trump was speaking with TV host Billy Bush as they were arriving at the set of Days of Our Lives when the conversation was caught on a microphone. The tape caught the attention of many people, even students- future voters at OFHS.

Ronald, 10th grade, stated, “I think Trump’s comments were disgusting. The comments show that he is unfit to be president. Hillary Clinton is the superior candidate and she will move America in the right direction”. Other students such as Kayla, 10th grade, believes that the tape proved that “he is sexist and treats women as materials instead of people”. Samantha, 10th grade, believes that “the tape was disrespectful toward women”. Although the audio tape may have negatively affected Trump’s campaign, Tina, 10th grade, believes “Sadly, his chances of becoming president aren’t ruined because he’s already done so many bad things yet he still has supporters. His apology was not sincere as well” Following the release of the audio, Trump released an apology video calling the things he said about women to be “locker room talk” and stated that “anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am”. Trump admitted he was wrong, regrets the things he has said, and said he will not let America down again.