Students encourage yearbook sales

Briana Queen, Writer

The 2016-2017 yearbooks have been on sale since early November and will continue to be sold until late February. Yearbooks cost $75.00 with additional purchases available such as protective covers. Senior ads will be sold until February 1st and this year the student or parent is able to create their own ad. With 307 yearbooks sold so far, journalism teacher Mrs. Iovino hopes that “everyone [who wants one] will get one and we [the yearbook staff] will finish the yearbook on time”. The staff has made a goal to sell 1,000 yearbooks. Mrs. Iovino also added “It is a monumental project. This year we have more than 270 pages to complete by the end of March”. This year’s staff, according to Iovino, ” works together very well”. Staff members can be seen across school campus at events such as games and club meetings taking pictures for the yearbook. Staff member Taylor Johnson stated that she is “very excited for this year’s yearbook because the staff has been working really hard and tirelessly to help reach our goal and make sure everyone can enjoy it”. Sophomore and staff member Madison Cossiart stated that her favorite thing about the yearbook is “the features that go alongside of the senior portraits because it is a nice way to display some of the students of OHS”.  While some students have already purchased a yearbook, others such as sophomore Tina Nguyen has chosen to only purchase a yearbook her senior year because she feels that “senior year is the most important and exciting year in high school”. Other students such as senior Brandon Croft have purchased a yearbook every year of high school to “remember all the good times”.  All in all, the yearbook staff is encouraging everyone to purchase a yearbook.