New Year, new tutoring


Justine Zitman

The tutors’ signup sheet is available for Mu Alpha Theta members.

Allison Richards, Writer

The new semester brings new beginnings.  Along with students being given the opportunity to make a new mark with their grades this second semester, students involved in the math honor society called Mu Alpha Theta get a refresh on their volunteering points needed for the society.  At a minimum, Mu Alpha Theta members need to volunteer for a certain amount of time to achieve 20 points to meet the requirements to stay in the honor society.  For a good majority of the members, the volunteering criteria is met by tutoring either in school or outside of school. It is a necessity for members to tutor at least three sessions at school for a minimum of an hour each.  

The leader of Mu Alpha Theta is math teacher Mr. Morrison, who has set up a sign-up sheet for members on the honor society’s OneNote page that has a schedule of tutoring dates.  On the schedule, Mondays will be Algebra 1 sessions and Carnegie Cognitive Tutors sessions.  Wednesdays will be ALL math classes, Thursdays will be Geometry and Algebra 2. 

With the multiple days of tutoring sessions per week, “A lot of the time, there are more tutors available than students who need help,” said Algebra 2 teacher Mrs. Richey, who commonly hosts tutoring sessions.  A first year Mu Alpha Theta member, Emily Slater, said, “It feels good” when students don’t show up to tutoring because they don’t necessarily need her help but she also feels like she is “wasting time”.   Mrs. Richey said that a benefit of students going to the honor society tutoring is “one-on-one tutoring which they don’t usually get from teachers”. One sophomore said students can show up for any reason.  Courtney Wood said, “(We can) help people when preparing for a test or just on homework questions.” 

With the honor society members available and a multitude of tutoring sessions, students could take advantage of these resources if they find it necessary.  As Mrs.  Richey said, “Unfortunately most of them [students] don’t take advantage of this.”

Maybe the New Year will bring new results.