Students take home Scholastic Art Awards


Justine Zitman

Hannah Jurgens, 12th grade, works on her Breadth portfolio.

Lauren Callahan, Writer

The Scholastic Art and Writing Competition is an annual event for student artists and writers in 7th to 12th grade. Osceola has a history of having high-achieving artists and receiving gold keys, silver keys, and honorable mentions. “I’ve been doing Scholastic for 2 years now,” says junior Juliana Franzese. Last year, Juliana was in AP 2-D Studio Art and is currently in the early college program. “Last year, I received six honorable mentions and this year I got one gold key, one silver key, and one honorable mention.”

This year, Osceola students received 13 gold keys, including senior Hannah Jurgens. Hannah received a gold key for her portfolio, a single gold key, and three honorable mentions this year and two gold keys last year. “I love getting my ideas out in a productive way and actually creating something,” says Jurgens. Art teacher Mr. Locascio believes there is a key to receiving these awards. “I think when the artist creates something that has an incredible amount of artistic voice and originality for a high school student that usually stands out above the rest.”

These artists have advice for aspiring and student artists. “If anything, don’t stop or get annoyed or quit just because you think someone’s work is better,” says Juliana. “Just take a breath and take your time because, in time, your own style will come and take hold, practice is the key to art. In the end, you are never really finished and there is always something to be improving on.” According to Hannah, “If you don’t think you’re good at drawing and you want to be, you can put in the time and get good. No one is born with artistic talent out of the gate. It takes a lot of practice and dedication but if you’re willing to exert the effort, you’ll get better.”

The Regional Scholastic Art Show and Ceremony will be held at Gibbs High School on February 15th.