How to file for FAFSA


Justine Zitman

This is website where students can print and file for FASFA.

Christian Mathis, Writer

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is a form that students headed to college in the summer or fall must fill out as soon as possible. Although the date that the form must be filed sometimes changes, this year the deadline for Florida is May 15th.  FAFSA determines how much student aid the government will grant.

Starting in 2016, the new FAFSA program was put into place where students could start submitting their form earlier then January and could start filling out their forms and submitting as early as October.

Basically FAFSA is a form student’s fill out to determine how much student aid they can receive from the government. However the form is long and it requires for parents and their kids to fill out lots of personal information such as social security information, address, parents federal tax information and both parents financial information. The form also asks personal questions such as if the students have an arrest record and if the family is receiving food assistance or free lunch.

Anyone looking for help with FASFA can go to SPC’s FASFA night where they offer one-on-one help and guidance when filling out the FASFA form. The SPC events are being held on February 7th from 6pm-8pm at Dunedin High School and a second event being held February 21st from 6pm-8pm at Gibbs High School.  

According to Guidance Counselor Mrs. Jackson, you can no longer get forms from guidance.  You must go online to the FAFSA website and print them out.