Culinary students cook up meals


Journalism 1

Blue Bailey prepares a meal in culinary.

Cody Hausdorf, Writer

               Everyone has smelled the aromas coming from the culinary room on Fridays. Culinary student Michael Jansen, 11th grade, said it’s doesn’t just happen in one day, though. “This Friday we’re cooking fish. Throughout the week, we have mini-labs on the steps of cooking different things. The week leads up to Free Cook Friday which is where we are given ingredients and we can create whatever dish we want with it.”

               In the culinary room on a Friday, there is always a kitchen full of Warriors in aprons, eagerly rushing around to complete their dishes. According to Miranda Braswell, 11th grade, the work done by students wouldn’t be possible, though, without Chef Foster teaching the students how to do what they do. “Every day, chef has labs that teach us how to cook. The labs teach us all the different techniques and knowledge we need to make our own favorite dishes no matter how complicated,” she said.

                To many students not in the class, Culinary may seem like just another elective. But culinary students say it’s important and valuable training. “The best part about the class is chef is teaching us cooking techniques that top chefs use, and I get to put all what I was taught to the test on Free Cook Fridays. I love that I can actually create something that people can really enjoy,” said Miranda. Though culinary students learn a lot of techniques, many students are most excited for the grub. “The best part of being able to make your own meal on Friday is the fact that you get to eat it afterwards. I am extremely motivated in the class because I want my food to always taste delicious and so does chef,” said Tyler Porter, 11th grade.