Aspiring artist achieves art awards


Josh Jones

Hannah Jurgens holds her scholarship check.

Christian Mathis, Writer

    A senior Warrior won a scholarship award at the Beth-El temple show which included a $200 cash price for Osceola’s art department as well as a $ 1,000 scholarship from the Florida State Fair Art Show.

     Hannah Jurgens said she submitted her art to be judged in the contest. “I sent in my art portfolio to both the events, pretty much they liked it so they put it in the show and gave me the money.” The scholarship money can go to whichever college she chooses. “The money can be used (for) any college tuition – any one I choose – but I do not know which college I want to go to yet.”

     She does have colleges in mind as well as plans after college. “I really think I would like to attend Ringling college of Arts and Design and get an animation or illustration degree.”

    Hannah hopes to become an animator and cartoonist. “ After I graduate, I hope to get into animation because so much of my inspiration comes from cartoons and I just think the whole thing is a really cool process.’’

    Hannah mentioned several of her other awards. “I have won several Scholastic gold keys as well as having my art entered in several shows – most in Florida, but a few out of state.”

    Her favorite artist inspires a lot of her work. “My favorite artist is Jamie Hewlett, who does a lot of comics and animation. He inspires a lot of my work and he is one of the reasons I want to be a cartoonist.”