Robotics team needs humans


Josh Jones

This year’s robot will be dismantled in preparation for a new design next year.

Cody Hausdorf, Staff Writer

                The robotics team recently placed 89th out of 175 teams in the state and placed 8th out of 25th in the county. Mr. Shepard, the leader of the robotics team, said there is a need for team members. “We need more people,” Shepard said.  

                Chris Meisman, 12th grade, said, “There is a lot that goes into creating a robot. It costs money to get the parts to build it so we have to understand some concepts of marketing.”

Chris also said he benefited in other ways by being a Robotics Team member.  “Being on the team has given me the chance to learn a lot of other useful knowledge other than building robots and learning how they work.”

                If you are interested in joining the robotics team, talk to Mr. Shepard at the end of the business hallway near the cafeteria.