Summer Bridge sign-up available today


Justine Zitman

Students can sign up for the Summer Bridge program starting February 27.

Christian Mathis, Writer

      February 27th marks the start of open enrollment for Summer Bridge and summer credit recovery. The registration process begins when the district send invitation letters to schools which in turns gives them to students to take home. The letters tell students why they should take credit recovery or Summer Bridge as well as details as why they need recovery.

     The summer bridge program lasts from June 6th to July 13th Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. till noon. Most schools in the district hold Summer Bridge including Osceola. Parents must apply through the Student Reservation Service which can be found on the Pinellas County Schools website. Parents and students have to reserve a spot at their school. The district starts accepting applications during the week of February 27th. Where a student attends their summer bridge can be their regular school but does not have to be and can be any school that holds a summer bridge.

   A major part of Summer Bridge is for students to replace their EOC scores or to take the EOC if they missed their chance to take it during the school year. The other part of Summer Bridge is the credit recovery aspect where it provides an opportunity for students to make up credits or to get back on track to be able graduate on schedule. Credits available to make up include most core classes.