Theatre sells tickets for musical

Briana Queen, Writer

Tickets are now on sale for the theatre department’s spring main stage musical, “Little Women” by Allan Knee. The show times will be on April 6th, 7th, and 8th at 7:00 pm. On Friday, April 7th during 2nd, 3rd, and 4th periods there will be an in-school matinee. On Saturday April 8th, there will be a matinee at 1:00pm. This is the first time Osceola is having an in-school matinee. Tickets are five dollars each and are being sold during both lunches and can also be purchased in Theater director, Kevin Pace’s classroom. Cast member Lucas Ellis says “the musical has amazing songs, some may make the audience cry.” The musical follows the lives of four sisters growing up during the Civil War. One of the sisters, Jo, is attempting to get her stories published but isn’t having much success. When given the advice to “write more from herself”, Jo takes the advice and writes about her and her sister’s experiences during the war time in America. Sophomore Julia Speyrer believes “people should see Little Women because of all the hard work we put in and how amazing the work is paying off.” A sophomore on the makeup crew stated that “the set is composed of amazing actors and singers” and also added “the makeup crew makes many people look old.” The musical is being dedicated to Elise, who passed away this year and was originally cast in the production. All in all, the theatre department has been preparing for their main stage musical and according to Sophomore Tina Nguyen is “excited for the audience to see the amazing talent of the actors and actresses.”