AP students attend seminars

Cody Hausdorf, Staff Writer

              On Tuesday, March 28th,  students missed class in order to attend the AP seminars. They were held in the cafeteria. Students attended the seminars at certain times based on the letters in their last name. Braeden Johnson, 11th grade, said, “During the seminars, we learned about where our AP exams are being held, and what time they are all starting at.”

                One sleepy student found the AP seminar tough to sit through, yet important.  Adam Coon, 11th grade, said, “I had to fight falling asleep, but the information that they provided is actually pretty important. Since I am in multiple AP classes, it was important for me to know where my exams were taking place at and what times they were at, so I know when to show up to them.”

                Students in any AP classes who were not able to attend the seminar on Tuesday will have to attend a make-up day which is happening on Monday, April 3rd

Exams run May 1st through 12th.