New summer SAT preparation course open

Allison Richards, Staff Writer

There are 25 days and counting until the end of the 2016-2017 school year! As seniors make their way across the Tropicana stage, the remaining students are bumped up in their class ranking; juniors to seniors, sophomores to juniors, freshmen to sophomores (no more booing at rallies!), and the new freshmen (prepare to be booed). 

With this bump-up comes the increase in SATs and ACTs to apply to colleges around Florida and beyond.  The SAT is a test that involves writing, reading, and math. The score is out of 1600 for the new SAT instead of the old 2400 and the ACT is 36, although through the school, students are able to take the PSAT which is a mock SAT starting as early as middle school.  The desired scores for the SAT and ACT vary from college to college, but to get to these high-level scores, Osceola is offering a summer program to help prep for the tests. 

The preparation lasts from Monday to Thursday, 8am to noon, over the summer from June 6 to July 13.  “It is the first time it is being offered in the summer”, said Mr. Gunnin.  Not only is the course free but students have the opportunity to earn ½ of an elective credit for the course.  What the course is aiming to do is to try to get students “Improved SAT scores” said Gunnin, which “will help the student in college acceptance”.  The course is open to anyone, even the underclassmen.  For the younger students, the course might “help them qualify on the PSAT for the National Merit Scholar program”, said Gunnin.  If students want to gain the ½ credit then they have to register for the class but anyone interested can email Mr. Gunnin about the preparation course and all that it entails. His email is [email protected] if you are interested in contacting him.