Dozens donate

Christian Mathis, Staff Writer

More than two dozen students donated during last Friday’s blood drive, according to Mrs. Hlavacka.  The number that donated was less than usual because of field trips on Friday, she said. Each student who donated received a free One Blood t-shirt as well as food and drinks.  Students were able to get out of class and go out to the buses and were given tests to make sure they were healthy enough to donate. 

Sami Ewing, 12th grade, said, “I always try to donate blood if I can, because I know that people need it and I hope that people would donate if I needed it.” But what happens if something goes wrong or if there is a problem donating?  One junior said, “about a year ago it was the first time I was donating blood and they put the needle in my arm and I passed out right there in the bus; the lady said I looked paler then a sheet. Friday was the first time I donated since.”