Seniors march in caps and gowns


Johnette Williams, Staff Writer

During 7th period on April 26th, seniors took part in the Senior March around the school. Seniors wore their caps and gowns and walked the halls of the school while the other students and teachers stood outside the classrooms to congratulate the soon-to-be graduates. Seniors were allowed to also wear their cords, which are representative of the clubs and honor societies of which the students take part.

Ms. Ouellet, Assistant Principal, describes why she thinks that the Senior March is a nice tradition.  “We’ve been doing it since 2009/2010 and I think it’s good because it shows the underclassmen what they have to look forward to. It shows the accomplishments that come with the hard work of four years”.

“I think it’s important that the seniors march because it helps to instill in the underclassmen to keep working hard, because this is what you get in the end and it’s a great feeling. You get to celebrate”, Ms. Ouellet also explained. “It’s also a motivation to keep working to those who might be struggling”.

The Senior March provides the students with one of their last chances to parade around the campus and soak in all of the memories of the past four years at Osceola.