Pollen season is among us

This year, pollen season has been significantly worse, according to Bay news 9. This can cause mild symptoms like hives or itchy eyes, or life-threatening issues as well. Josh Gorman, 10th grade, said, “I have really bad allergies when it’s pollen season. I either have nose congestion or a runny nose; it’s so annoying. According to a pollen expert quoted in this article on the Bay news 9 website, Dr. Richard Lockey, who studies allergies and immunology at USF, Florida has eleven different types of oak trees, in addition to other pollens blowing around. Their pollen is spread by the wind, and people are unable to see it when it enters the eyes, nose and throat. “You can’t see one passing by your nose because they’re invisible to your eyes,” Lockey said. “We can see them under the microscope.” The good news is because the season started earlier, it will end earlier. Researchers said it should end by April 15.