Art teacher takes over class


This is Mrs.Gates first year at Osceola.

Makenna Lenges, Staff writer

Mrs. Gates’ high school art teacher told her that one day she will be teaching students herself. That was 15 years ago. Even in her free time, art is something Mrs. Gates enjoys even to this day. When she can, Mrs. Gates makes art and jewelry, and she sells her jewelry and art at local markets on Saturdays and Sundays. As for the rest of the week, she said, “Teaching isn’t stressful; it’s the time management aspect.” When it comes to handling stress, she likes to hang out with her three dogs or ride on a motorcycle with her husband. If Mrs. Gates ever won the lottery, she said she would continue teaching anyway. She claimed, “I would be lost without teaching.” She remembered thinking back to herself while she was in an art class in school and saying that she could teach the class better than the teacher could. Creative photography student Amy Morle stated, “Mrs. Gates is very helpful and I have learned a lot about photography”.