Snore No More is now open

Ava LoSchiavo, Staff Writer


The coffee cart has opened and people now can purchase coffee from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the cafeteria. One of the most popular drinks that students enjoy is iced coffee. Many people enjoy the coffee cart because it helps them get through the early mornings of schoolwork. The coffee cart is open to everyone at the school including students, teachers, and administrators. This year the coffee cart has a variety of different types of coffee such as hot coffee and iced coffee. They also sell hot chocolate if you prefer that or don’t like coffee.

 “Lots of people come every morning,” said Ms. Maybee. Maybee said they tend to have more customers around or during the bell times. “They have very good products,” said 12th grader Morgan Hult who often goes to the coffee cart and enjoys her fresh coffee.

“It’s the only thing that gives me energy in the morning and the coffee is really good,” said 9th grader BrieOnna Mayhew. Her favorite drink to order is an iced coffee.