Red Tide is Lingering Around Tampa Bay


Red tide has harmed the population of fish in the Tampa Bay area.

Ryan Lueck, Copy editor/ Writer

    Red tide is killing fish in Tampa bay and is not letting up. Fish are struggling to leave the waters and since the water is so dirty they get trapped in canals and they get trapped by the red tide. Captain Tom Campbell, out of Tierra Verde, is cleaning up the waters and stated, “A hurricane wouldn’t be so bad right now, it would really help clean up the water.”

     Most of the fish he has found surfaced on top of the water have been Gag Grouper and Mullet. It still hasn’t made a huge dent in the population but the bait fish have been taking a beating from the Red Tide. “The sad part in cleaning up the dead fish is the thought that we fish for these fish and now they’re dead because of dirty water that we caused. Also, we find many struggling manatees that won’t make it out of the Red tide.” stated by Captain Tom Campbell.

     Tierra Verde has taken a big hit by the tide and the water is really dirty. People have started volunteering to help clean up and many job offers have been taken up to clean up as well. People have taken action toward the disaster and we are one step closer to clean water.