Boo! The flu…

Materials like tissues and hand sanitizer are key flu fighters.

Materials like tissues and hand sanitizer are key flu fighters.

Kevin Lester, Sports Editor and Writer

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         Last  year the flu was a big problem for a lot of Americans. According to the CDC Centers for Disease Control, last flu season set the record high of child deaths with 183.  This number exceeded the previous high of flu deaths which was 171 in 2012-13 season.      Approximately 80% of these children did not receive the flu shot. 

           Do you think the flu shot prevents the flu virus or is it pointless?  Junior Mohommad Shuman said, “I get the flu shot because I want to look out for my future health and I know that it will prevent me from getting sick.”

          One freshman  said,“ No, I don’t believe in flu shots because it puts the flu in your body and in your system and can cause you to get it. I’ve never had a flu shot and I have never gotten the flu.”

          In the last flu season, according to the CDC, there were 30,429 reported hospitalizations due to the flu. “The 2017-2018 flu season was the first season to be classified as a severity across all age groups.’’ (CDC website).

          One senior said, “I don’t get the flu shot because they are painful and I don’t want to risk getting it because they put a little bit of the flu in your body.’’  

         “I get the flu shot because my mom makes me, but I also believe it helps me out and keeps the flu away,” said a sophomore.

         Some people think that you can get the flu from the flu shot but you actually can’t. According to the Mayo Clinic, you can develop flu like symptoms after you get the flu shot but cannot get the actual flu from it.